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Maintenance knowledge
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Maintenance's knowledge and repair
1 Models should identify washbasin taps, sinks, and bathtubs match or not.
2 function Faucets have a variety of shapes and a variety of functions, according to the general-purpose use a washbasin, with pool basin, shower, the shower basin pool
Used, such as using the kitchen sink.
3 surface Look at the surface brightness. faucet is generally made up by
copper,after forming Grinding and Polishing,electroless nickel and chromium
surface.Formal coating products have specific technical requirements, and through the neutral salt spray test,
Within the time stipulated in the no corrosion phenomenon.So choosing, we should pay attention to the shiny surface, and feel with their hands hairless
Thorns, nonporous, no oxidation spots.
4 Handle gently rotating check to see whether the light flexible,
non-blocking.Check the taps all parts, especially the major zero
assembling the close, and should not feel loose.
5 Spool now generally used Daocifaxin faucet, and its easy-to-use, it
is not appropriate wear.
6 General requirements of the hydraulic pressure at home and asked not to
the low 0.05 Mpa at not less than the pressure circumstances,used for a
period of time, such as found in water decreases, and even the water
heater off phenomenon,Taps will be in the outlet by simply fastening
the screen cover, remove impurities, such as the new general can resume.
  Poor water quality
  Poor water quality, resulting in the garbage Spool.
  Spool in the use of ceramic chip sealing process, due to the wear and tear of hard substances have scratches and therefore can not sealed, and leakage.
  Pipeline connections
  Water hoses to connect with the leading body of water leakage, the main reasons were caused by improper installation