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Five-year promise
Five years promise

Our company will provide the limited security responsibility to the
customers as the following:

1.while you buy Hane faucet any time within five years,if products broken
because of poor workmanship or damage arising from the fault,we will be free
of maintenance or for the same models to instead (If do not have the same
types of products, replacing it with a similar Models, we retained rights )
2.This limited liability guarantee only applies to the purchase of the
company's products for residential and non-commercial use of consumer users.
3.products were broken because of the wrong installation or the wrong way to use
(Whether these mistakes by the plumbing technicians, contractors, industry
or cause the family members of users),our Company is not replaced, but will
be maintenance and repair parts swap fees collected.
4.This guarantee does not cover, and the Company is not responsible for the
cost of hiring and maintenance personnel for the installation, repair or
replacement of parts, not including the losses caused by the leading emerged
other than the damage or loss, the Company hereby expressly said.
5.Warning: Do not self-demolition lead, leading to a demolition, this book
is missing the validity security, not to replace or warranty.